Associated Bank, Commercial Lending

Associated Bank, Commercial Lending

 It’s important to understand the distinction between working capital and growth capital – a skill that commercial bankers are uniquely qualified to handle. One of the basic tenets of commercial lending is to match the structure of your credit with its use. For example, a revolving line of credit is a common type of financing source to help businesses manage working capital. A company may use its revolving line of credit to bridge a gap between payments and receivables. Revolving lines are secured with collateral such as working capital assets. If your company is in growth mode and looking for financing, what’s needed is growth capital. If your historical cash flow doesn’t support your planned growth and you don’t have the collateral, there are certain structural solutions that a commercial banker can customize for your situation. It’s important to work with a commercial banker to be sure that your current and upcoming credit needs are identified so you can have the proper credit structures in place for your business.


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