Associated Bank, Trust & Investments

Associated Bank, Trust & Investments

 Values-based estate planning acknowledges that most people desire to pass on more than just their wealth to future generations.

They would like to transfer a sense of their traditions, values and priorities as a part of their legacy as well. Understanding your thoughts about money, what you value, and what you desire to pass on will help you to shape an estate plan that articulates and carries out your values as your wealth is managed into the future.

Trusts play a pivotal role in preserving and protecting family wealth and can last for multiple generations. Writing a mission statement and incorporating your values into your estate plan also provides guidance to the trustee as to how you intend the trust to be administered into the future. While the basics of an estate plan will seek to transfer your wealth, a values-based estate plan can incorporate a message to your children, grandchildren and beyond. Make your legacy more than just money in the bank.


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