Serenity Hospice & Home

Serenity Hospice & Home 1658 S. IL Route 2 Oregon, IL
Phone: (815) 732-2499

Believing in the dignity of life, Serenity Hospice & Home offers care to the terminally ill and their families.

In their homes, Serenity Hospice provides all palliative medications to give the highest level of comfort to patients.

Appropriate drugs are used to control pain, relieve nausea, promote rest and minimize other distressing problems. Hospice provides all equipment to promote a safe and comfortable environment for the patient.

Because not all are able to remain at home during this final journey, Serenity Home offers a home-like environment, while providing the full complement of Hospice’s comfort-oriented care and services. Each patient room includes a sitting/sleeping area that allows family to remain close to their loved one. Additional areas include a family kitchen and dining area, chapel, children’s playroom and large family room for gatherings and celebrations.

Within the Serenity Home, high-quality care is provided by professional staff to meet the needs and desires of the patients and their families, including pain management, 24-hour nursing care, counseling, spiritual guidance and bereavement support.

No matter where care takes place, a team of trained hospice personnel creates and maintains a personalized care plan developed to meet each patient’s individual needs for pain management and symptom control. All services are delivered with the goal of achieving comfort, peace and dignity on this final journey.