Atrium Assisted Living & Memory Care

Atrium Assisted Living & Memory Care 2885 McFarland Road Rockford, IL
Phone: (815) 282-3340

At The Atrium, we’re set up to accommodate people in various stages of memory loss, in a totally secure and caring environment.
The Atrium engages residents with “Moments in Time” Montessori-based memory care that’s individualized to each person’s interests and needs.

With our recent acquisition by Meridian Senior Living, our methods are evolving with staff training, and with the addition of the “Memories in Time” program. We have an enhanced dietary plan with nutritious snack options. We’ve added new activities and updated our existing activities.

Throughout the building, various activities are offered that engage residents in “Moments in Time,” with such interests as flower arranging, child care, artwork, music, playing cards and fitness.

Exercise classes are held regularly to keep residents active and independent. All activities are modified to each individual’s skills and abilities.

We discover ways to help our residents succeed at everyday tasks, in a safe, secure environment. Everyone deserves a great life!