Oakley Courts Assisted Living

Oakley Courts Assisted Living 3117 W. Kunkle Blvd. Freeport, IL
Phone: (815) 233-5129


Just like the community of Freeport, Oakley Courts Assisted Living has its own flavor, personality and heart. Because those who live, work and visit here affect one another in profound ways, we at Oakley Courts have created YOUnite, a unique way of interacting with our customers.

The purpose of YOUnite is two-fold. First, we want to establish our residents as individuals who are at the core of our decision-making. Second, we want to recognize the contributions of our staff, our families and our community as key components of the individuality of our residents.

By focusing on five distinct YOUnite categories – RESIDENT CHOICE, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, STAFF APPRECIATION, HOME-LIKE ENVIRONMENT, and THE DINING EXPERIENCE – we’re better able to care for our community and create the positive outcome that our residents, families and staff deserve.

The heartbeat of Oakley Courts is represented in our YOUnite committee, which seeks input from staff, residents and families to ensure that our actions are consistent with the wishes of these important members of our community.

We’ve established a process of continual feedback, in order to understand the needs and expectations of our residents, their families and our staff, as well as the needs of our local community.