Northwoods Care Centre

Northwoods Care Centre 2250 Pearl St. Belvidere, IL
Phone: (815) 544-0358



With our tranquil environment and wide array of available services, Maple Crest Care Centre and Northwoods Care Centre are among the Greater Rockford Area’s leading providers of post-acute care.

We offer our guests a more harmonious approach to post-acute care, one that takes into account their individual needs and utilizes a progressive healthcare model to design a personalized rehabilitation program that will offer them the fullest possible recovery.

Our goal is to help those under our care succeed through treatment and return home to a fulfilling and independent life. We do this by working in concert with the area’s top physicians, nurses and therapists to offer the guests in our modern, guest-centric facility the quickest possible recoveries and optimal results.

Both locations offer respite care for families who need a break from their daily caregiving routines. When advanced age, illness or physical disabilities finally make long-term skilled nursing care and supervision necessary, Maple Crest provides long-term care, and for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Northwoods Care Centre offers a home-like and welcoming environment in a safe, secured setting.