Lloyd Hearing Center

Lloyd Hearing Center 4435 Manchester Dr., Rockford, IL
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or more than 50 years, Lloyd Hearing Center has helped people from all over the Midwest to enjoy a better quality of life, by solving their hearing problems. 

Your sight and your hearing are the two senses that connect you to the world. If you suffer from hearing loss, this can greatly affect your enjoyment of life and your relations with others. 

Hearing aids work with the remaining hearing ability of a person’s ears. Studies have shown that if a person’s hearing problem goes untreated, his or her hearing capacity deteriorates substantially, compared with a person who has been using hearing aids. 

It’s the “use it or lose it” syndrome.

We provide the world’s best hearing aids for any type of hearing loss, in all of the styles available, at prices you can afford. Lloyd remains totally committed to providing you the best value for your dollar.

Lloyd is one of the only hearing clinics in northern Illinois working with all of the major manufacturers. They’re not tied to just one franchise brand or supplier, like most local offices. 

Our team of professionals is ready to help find the right hearing aid for your individual hearing needs. They look forward to helping you to regain and enjoy the sounds of life once again.