You Have the Power to Transform Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin!

Did you know that when you shop at a big-box store, 80 percent of your money goes straight to big-box headquarters? But when you buy from a locally owned business, you're investing in the local economy and contributing to its well-being. Studies show that buying from local businesses helps to create jobs, build important relationships, and generates a stronger community. You're creating a ripple effect that resounds throughout our region, and best of all, buying from a local business gives you, the consumer, a better overall experience.

Our region is abundant in these local merchants, but how do we find them? Start with this directory of some of best locally owned businesses in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Use the search box above to discover some of the region's top businesses and healthcare providers, or click the Categories tab to browse through our nearly one dozen directories.

You have the power to transform this region into a top community. Buying local is an important way to begin!